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Year: 2022

1January, 2022
Jan 11 A Discussion on Cryptocurrencies - Las Vegas Zoom Meeting
Jan 12 Cary Groth's Life Journey Through Sports - Reno Zoom Meeting
Jan 25 Board Meeting
Feb 02 Inspiring Black Leadership with Dr. Angie Taylor - Reno Zoom Meeting
Feb 08 Dancing Backwards in High Heels - Las Vegas Zoom Meeting
Mar 03 Celebrating Women's History Month
Mar 08 Women's History Month and WRIN
Mar 09 Special Northern Nevada Event - Sierra Medical Center Tour
Mar 24 A Master Class for Executive Women - How to Stand out as a Thought Leader
Apr 06 The Mission of Northern Nevada HOPES
Apr 12 Thoughts from a Journey Through Medical Leadership
May 04 The Effects of a Refugee Crisis
May 10 A Look Back on Founding Nevada Ballet Theatre
Jun 01 The Future of Local Journalism
Jun 02 Board Meeting
Jun 07 IWF Sponsored Event - Women in the Boardroom: Pathways to a Board Seat
Jun 14 Progression and Evolution of Hospitality Design
Sep 01 Board Meeting
Sep 07 Reno Social Gathering
Sep 12 Why should I attend the IWF World Leadership Conference?
Sep 13 World Class First Responder Training in Southern Nevada
Oct 05 Reno Dispatch Center Site Visit
Oct 11 The Professional Story of a Female Leader in Higher Education
Nov 01 2022 World Leadership Conference
Nov 01 World Leadership Conference
Nov 15 Board Meeting - Tentative Date
Dec 05 Holiday Party in Northern Nevada
Dec 13 Holiday Party in Southern Nevada

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