IWF's membership includes more than 7,000 diverse and accomplished women from 33 nations on six continents. We answer high-achieving women leaders’ need for a community of diverse thinkers. We are shaping a future in which leadership has no gender and the next generation is inspired and equipped to transform the world. And we won’t stop until we get there.

Advancing Women’s Leadership.

Championing Equality.

The Nevada IWF is a group of more than 100 diverse women from across Nevada who represent virtually every major industry in the state.  This dynamic invitation only group:

  • Is dedicated to helping build a vibrant Nevada community of distinguished women working together to address significant issues at local, state, national, and international levels, pooling resources, solidifying relationships and creating networks of power and communication;
  • Supports and co-mentors women leaders, champions future trailblazers, and provides a structure for conversations of substance;
  • Exemplifies the leadership role of women and demonstrates the impact they have on society.





In 2016, Deborah was awarded by the Honorable Carolyn G. Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada a Proclamation granting October 7th as “Deborah Danielson Day” and this year she celebrates her 40th year in business.


Mary Simmons  Tina Quigley  Stephanie Maddocks 
President  Vide President 


 Sallie Haws  Betsy Fretwell Phyllis Freyer 
Treasurer  Director   Director
 Julie Gilday Shaffer  Valerie Glenn
Kara Kelley
 Director  Director  Director
Fafie Moore  Pat Mulroy  BJ North 
 Director Director   Director
 Nanci Palmintere Miriam Shearing  Julie Murray 
 Director  Director Immediate Past President 


We believe that the intractable challenges we face can only be solved if women attain their equal place and status – if women share their diverse perspectives, contribute different styles of leadership and present new solutions only they can develop

We believe the potential for women is unlimited and opportunities should be, as well.

We believe an investment in women is an investment in the future

We believe that our power lies in our unity

We believe in transferring knowledge and momentum to the leaders of tomorrow to improve our world – to energize, demand and accelerate the imperative of change.

We connect and cultivate long-lasting friendships – we support each other in an environment built upon trust.

We elevate the next generation today to become leaders tomorrow.

That’s why we champion equality.


Expanding Leaders' Knowledge and Skills

Through our monthly and special programs, we strengthen women's capabilities for today and tomorrow. We invest in making women stronger, smarter and more influential. 



Connecting Leaders for Excellence and Impact

Our leaders are stronger and more effective than they would be individually, benefitting from the experience of outstanding peers from other industries, countries and generations.



Accelerating and Mobilizing Emerging Leaders

We cultivate the leaders of the future, and the responsibility to equip and empower them is more urgent than ever. One very concrete way we do this is through the IWF Nevada Founder's Award which sponsors deserving young leaders' attendance at our World Leadership conferences.


- Joint Meetings - 


Questions? Contact us at nviwf.gm@gmail.com

702-857-8754  P.O. Box 231412  Las Vegas, NV 89123

Nevada IWF is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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