Findlay congratulates FIT academy graduates

  • Tue, October 25, 2022 8:00 AM
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    Findlay congratulates FIT academy graduates

    Findlay Automotive has long supported the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow’s Standards of Excellence Academy, which provides training and certification programs to Southern Nevadans. *NV IWF member Janet Blumen is the Founder and CEO of FIT. Findlay employees helped to develop the curriculum for The Standards of Excellence Academy’s automotive program.

    The class that graduated was composed of students from both the automotive technology class and the phlebotomy class. Findlay Chevrolet’s John Gonzales works alongside previous graduates and is passionate about vocational training.

    As a long-time mentor for people looking for good direction, Gonzalez previously said, “The great thing about (FIT) is that it appeals to people of all ages.”

    The academy offers students a gateway to career advancement in jobs and occupations that are in demand. The academy is a nonprofit school established by Founder and CEO Janet Blumen. The organization is a subsidiary of FIT. The Academy is accredited by the Nevada Commission on Post-Secondary Education.

    “The program is very intense and … we’re really proud of them and we’re proud of the Findlay Automotive Group and the connection we’ve made,” Bluman said. “It’s what makes the program so unique and so successful is the collaboration with Findlay because of the fact that the students can right from the beginning get hands-on experience.”

    The education provided will help address the industrywide shortage of technicians. The phlebotomy class also is critical medical care education in a part of the profession that is often understaffed and overwhelmed.

    During graduation ceremmonies, Findlay Automotive Group’s CFO Tyler Corder shared that when he served as chairman of the American Red Cross in Southern Nevada, occasionally blood drives were canceled because of the lack of phlebotomists.

    “During (the Oct. 1, 2017, shooting), we used up the entire blood supply in the state,” he said. “We had people lined up around to donate blood, but we didn’t have enough phlebotomists.”

    In an increasingly competitive work environment, both the academy and Findlay recognize that it is imperative for individuals to have unique skills and certifications to set them apart. This program — and others like it — can be instrumental in changing a person’s life.

    “The FIT vocational training programs provide students with the skills necessary to get a good-paying job to become self-sufficient and to provide for their families,” Corder said. “It’s a tremendous program that helps individuals but also helps the community and reduces the need for public assistance. I’m proud to serve on the board for this incredible organization.”

    Gonzalez agreed, stating, “One graduate started as a high school student when I first met him. He was interested in the program and began working for me as a lot attendant before the class.”

    “These two (FIT) programs develop people for good-paying jobs in critical industries. Automotive technicians are vital to the auto industry and the transportation system. Phlebotomists are critical to the medical industry and to the nation’s blood supply. We’re really happy for our graduates and wish them much success as they move into positions in their chosen fields.” Corder said.

    To learn more about Standards of Excellence Academy, visit the website standardsofexcellencelv.org.

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