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Former: Executive Vice President, Ticketmaster
Executive Vice President in the Office of the President, Ticketmaster
Senior Vice President, Community Affairs, Ticketmaster
President, California Forum
General Manager, The Great Western Forum
Vice President, California Sports
Senior Mediator, EMI Mediation Institute

Currently Serving on the following Boards of Directors:
City of Hope, National, Emeritus
City of Hope, Medical Center Board
City of Hope, Finance Committee
The Music Center of the County of Los Angeles, Emeritus
Reprise Theater Company, Past President
Trusteeship for the Betterment of Women, Past President

Former Board Service:
International Women's Forum
International Association of Auditorium Managers
City of Hope, Beckman Research Institute
Chair, Medical Center Board, City of Hope
Chair, Music Center Operating Company
President, The Trusteeship for the Betterment of Women
President, Los Angeles Convention Center Commission
2012 Olympic Bid Committee
1984 Olympic Committee
Los Angeles Sports Council, Charter Member

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