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As the great-grand daughter of the inventor of the drinking fountain, Sallie Haws decided to take her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Psychology from UCSB in 1984 and make a positive impact on her family’s then 75 year old drinking fountain and emergency equipment manufacturing company. Sallie held numerous jobs in Haws Corporation over her 26 year tenure from file clerk to President and Chairwoman of the Board. Her Human Resource policies and practices earned Haws the Economic Development Authority of Northern Nevada’s (EDAWN) Business of the Year award in 2004, and was also chosen as one of the top places to work in Northern Nevada in 2008 and 2009. Since her tenure began, Sallie was also primarily responsible for championing the use of technology in its various forms throughout the company to save costs and improve efficiencies.

In addition to Haws Corporation, Sallie also served on the Board of Directors of Novation, Water Security, Electro-Temp Inc. China and the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce.

Sallie also served for many years on the fundraising committees for the American Heart Association and the Nevada Woman’s Fund.

The sale of Haws Corporation early 2011 allowed Sallie to pursue other avenues of interest while she maintained the role of President and CEO of the small family office investment company, the Haws Family LLC, which was created from the proceeds of the sale.

A voracious reader of fiction who always dreamed of writing a book, Sallie was struck by inspiration and in 2013 achieved her life-long goal of creating and publishing a three times award winning novel, Quantum Spirit – Apocalypse.

Currently Sallie is still the CEO and CFO of the Haws Family LLC which, in addition to its stock portfolio, has expanded its commercial real estate holdings into three states. She also manages several estate trusts, and one very active vacation rental home in Hawaii. Ms. Haws is married and the mother of one daughter and one son.

As for the future, the compulsion to write another novel or a non-fiction leadership book for woman continues to scratch at the inside of her mind, looking for the way out.

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